Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

By Krishna Gupta
AMMO NYC Training Academy Series

Larry Kosilla, Founder of Ammo NYC, describes 14 common detailing mistakes to avoid. Larry recommends using gloves to protect the skin, safety glasses to protect the eyes, and shoes to protect your feet.

  1. Thinking Clay Will Remove Scratches
  2. Always Using Clay
  3. Using an All Purpose Cleaner On Interior
  4. Wax Sealant on Black Trim
  5. Running Dirty Vacuum Across Seats
  6. Using Dish Soap
  7. Washing Detail Towels Incorrectly
  8. Incorrect Wash Location and Time
  9. Dry-Wiping Paint
  10. Cleaning Wheels Last
  11. Using Dusters
  12. No Shammies, Blades,
  13. Clean Tools, Buckets etc. before using
  14. Do Not Cross-Contaminate Tools