Stars & Cars with TeamJohnHill

By Krishna Gupta

I just had the chance to catch up with Grammy-nominated celebrity singer-songwriter and producer, John Hill, founder of TeamJohnHill to talk about his tastes in music lifestyle and his favorite subject – cars!!!!

Duh… Hill states “When it comes to music I can’t get enough of it. Any style, any sound soothes my soul… a pretty poetic statement.” He continued to talk about how a healthy lifestyle is very important no matter how much money you have. Keeping a healthy balance of spiritual, physical, and mental energies provides abundance to come into our lives

Finally, we got to talk about the best subject on the planet – cars…. He began his statement with his thoughts on the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Hill stated, “Although it’s a great film, I feel they need to bring back the focus of the cars.” Yes! Amen brother. I also asked him what 2 cars would best describe you? He stated, “a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini because I’m classy, but sometimes I’m sexy and ostentatious.” Diverse descriptions are common for entertainers.

It was an educational chat and I look forward to discussing his upcoming projects.